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Name: Massage 33

Incall locations: Pimlico / Victora

Outcalls available: See website


Contact number: +44 (0)7966 522696

Treatments offered: Sensual massage for Men, Women, Couples by Male and Female therapists


Massage33 is one of London's most established sensual massage services.

Created in 2005 by the nationally acclaimed sensual masseur, sex mentor and relationship therapist Colin Richards who heads the team of independent associate therapists offering high-quality sensual massage to men, women and couples of all sexualities.

Clients can select from 2 Hands to 4 Hands or The Couples Watch & Enjoy or Tandem Massage all given by professionally trained female or male masseurs or a combination of two together.

Massage33 also arrange private and group sensual massage workshops and regularly hold private sensual massage parties and events. 

Colin also offers Psychosensual Massage a combination of sex mentoring and massage to help those with any sexual performance challenge or frustration. 

We recommend viewing the Massage33 site to find out more information about each therapist.

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