Bitcoin and adult services

Reasons why adult service providers and users could benefit from using crypto-currency

Tourism – 

Many of their clients who use adult services in London are visitors from overseas. 

When they withdraw cash from ATMs they lose money through the poor currency conversion rates and withdrawal commissions.

If they pay the service provider directly with Bitcoin they avoid these charges and save money.

Another area for tourists is time, if they are staying in the city for just one night they might not have time to visit an ATM before the escort or masseuse arrives at their hotel. 

If they can pay with Bitcoin when the escort or masseuse arrives this would solve this problem.

Safety – 

Many people do not want to carry around so much cash especially when in unfamiliar surroundings visiting people they have never met before. 

If they can arrive at the adult provider’s apartment and pay by Bitcoin by just quickly scanning a QR code with their smartphone this problem would be solved.

Security is also a key issue for the adult workers as well. 

Say for instance the escort or masseuse had say three or four bookings over a one or two day period and was holding a large amount of cash in their apartment this could make them vulnerable targets for robberies. 

If the escort had been paid in Bitcoin then they would not have to hold any cash on their premises and would lower the risk of being a target to any unfortunate robberies.

Sexy Crypto

Anonymous – 

Paying with Bitcoin is also anonymous and would be better solution to pay for adult services this way instead of using a credit card, where FUNTIME PUSSY ENTERTAINMENT for example may show up on your bank statement.

Escorts could also benefit from the anonymity of Bitcoin to pay for advertising and marketing services as well as buying any equipment they need from certain online adult stores.

Conclusion – 

We feel Bitcoin holds many advantages for paying and receiving for adult services than cash or by credit card. 

It will be interesting to see as Bitcoin gets more widely adopted whether the adult relaxation and entertainment industry become big users of crypto currencies.

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