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The benefits of head massage

We think finishing off a tantric session with a head massage can also be very beneficial.  When the recipient has an orgasm, endorphins are released in the brain. 

These endorphins are what make it feel so great. Endorphins are released when we have certain intoxicants or do some intense exercise.

Studies also show that if you are naturally relaxed and happy you also have a level of endorphins that are constant in the brain. 

After doing brain scans on some Buddhist monks, neuroscientists found that the monks had a constant level of endorphins in the brain compared to the average person. 

These endorphins have stayed in the monk’s brain after years of training the brain with meditation. The monks had chemically changed their brain.

Massaging the head after endorphins have been released makes the endorphins stay for a little longer and how helps the brain slowly wind down. 

It’s a fantastic light heading fuzzy feeling made all the more special if your body has a received a great sensual experience too. 

So we fully recommend having a head massage at the end of any tantric session.

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