Try the infamous (and very healhty) lingam massage in London

The lingam is also known as the male wand

A lingam massage in London is a specific therapy which focuses on the male genitalia. Lingam, sometimes also spelled Lingham, is Sanskrit for ‘mark’ and in Hinduism can represent the male sexual organ.

It essentially means ‘male penis’ in the old language of sanskrit. In tantra it is taught that the lingam is the source of the males power, and in the women it is her vagina, which is known as the yoni.

The union of the lingam and the yoni represent the male and female being inseparable, together throughout time and space and from which all life originates. Many sculptures and statues in Hinduism feature lingam or yoni symbols, or of Shakti, the goddess of female creative energy.

So a lingam and yoni massage, if performed right, is a massage which plays homage to the sexual organs through which energy and life can flow. The best tantric masseuses in London will also focus at least 15 to 20 minutes on building and eventually releasing energy in this area. 

Try an expert lingam massage in London

A lingam massage is basically where the masseuse massages your penis. Lingam massage is synonymous with tantra, and can be experienced in a tantric massage session.

However, because this therapy is so popular with erotic massage lovers, it is also offered in every session including prostate and Japanese nuru massage

Lingam massage is different from a standard happy endingYou may have presumed that massaging the lingam is just a happy ending, however this could not be further from the truth.

A professional lingam massage is the equivalent of driving a Rolls Royce for example. While a standard happy ending, in comparison, would be like driving some old clapped out banger.

There is nothing wrong with having a regular happy ending massage in London, but trust us when we say it is nothing compared to the joy that a lingam massage can bring.

So how exactly is it different I hear you ask?

A lingam massage given to you by an expert tantric masseuse is sensational. The masseuse will use all kinds of stimulative hand techniques to build you into a frenzy of orgasmic feeling.

She will keep bringing you closer the edge of orgasm but the slow down and pull back. She will keep doing this until the feelings in your body and brain become so powerful that you have a very powerful orgasm.

You will have to join us for an erotic b2b massage in London if you want to see in a close up and personal way the techniques the masseuse will you use.

How lingam massage can improve your love life

Having a the best lingam massage London has on regular basis will also make you last longer in bed with your lover. By connecting the two through sex you could achieve a higher spiritual state of mind.

The idea would not be to ejaculate but to put the mind in a meditative state by concentrating on the breath and your partner. This is proper tantric love making and can be extremely enjoyable both mentally and physically.

Enjoying a lingam massage in London will give you the chance to practice ejaculation control, breathing exercises and meditation as well. It can be a lot of fun too.

Top 5 Reasons to try lingam massage London style
  • Improves the strength of the muscles in your penis.
  • Increases blood circulation throughout your body.
  • Can help improve your sexual stamina.
  • Releases endorphin chemicals in your brain which helps boost the immune system.
  • Feels bloody great!

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