Tie and Tease Me

Tease Me Until I Loose Control.

We have just added a tie and tease massage section to London Erotic Massage Guide.

More and more masseuses seem to be offering this massage, and you can see why.  

What better way than to begin a massage than to have one of your main senses, your eyes, restricted.  

This heightens the other senses making touch, taste, sound and smell more aware and sensually charged.

If you have never had a Tie and Tease Massage in London then we suggest you try it. The masseuse will blindfold you and tie you, so you are completely at the will of the masseuse.  

They will then use an array of techniques and objects to stimulate and raise your sensual energy. 

 Tie and Tease Session

Tie and Tease Session

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