Your first sensual massage

Going for an erotic massage in London is something you must do

Like doing anything for the first time it can be a little daunting but also very exciting. 

One of the most fun parts is doing research and choosing who would like to see. Of course the best place to do this in London Erotic Massage Guide.  

Deciding on which massage you would like is the first step. There is such a wide range of sensual massages on offer in London. 

Essentially they come down to the same thing, you being naked and the therapist massaging and teasing your most sensitive areas – how this is done is the part that varies between each massage and each unique therapist. 

Bodyrub fun

If you want the therapist to being naked with you, and experience a close intimacy then a body to body massage could be the way to go. 

Two variants of body to body is nuru massage, where the masseuse will use a cordless and odourless gel, which she will pore and rub on both hers and your naked body. 

This of course can be a lot fun as the gel makes things very slippery and highly erotic. 

Nuru is especially nice in the summer when the weather is hotter, this treatment will cool you down – or maybe it will make you even hotter! 

The other variety of body to body massage in London is soapy where you will be soaped up by the masseuse – this again is a lot of fun and feels great.

Of course if you prefer a massage which really focuses on giving you an intense orgasm then the tantric massage is a great choice. 

The masseuse will be either naked or clothed. 

The best tantric masseuses will also be very good at, and most probably professionally trained, therapies such as deep tissue, sports or Thai massage; as they will normally start the massage with some Swedish or deep tissue techniques to relax your muscles and mind. 

Of course as the therapy progresses it gets more and more sensual. 

The therapists that are trained in tantra will teach you techniques such a breathing to help stop your mind from racing.

They will show you how to enjoy the orgasmic wave riding that can be achieved if done correctly.


There are of course many other sensual treatments to choose from which you can read about on this website. 

Once you have decided the massage you would like and made a booking with the therapist you would like to see, you can then look forward to the main event.

It can be a little nervous going to see a therapist and having a sensual massage London style for the first time but you will also feel excited about the adventure you are about to experience. 

Once you have experienced it you will want to keep going back again and again. 

Having a regular sensual massage can do wonders for your body and mind. 

So what are you waiting for?

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