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The first place to look when seeking a steamy erotic massage in London

Having a sensual massage is a fantastic way to relax

If you have some spare time and want to relax there is no better way to do this than by having a sensual erotic massage in London.

There are talented masseuses in this city who offer therapies including tantric, body to body, prostate, nuru, soapy massage and much more. They are among the best in the world.

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Why go for an erotic massage in London?

There are two fundamental reasons why you need to experience a steamy adult massage in London. 

One is simply to relax. Despite many people’s lives’ being of higher quality compared to 100 years ago, people these days seemed to be stressed more than ever. So much is expected of us and so much placed on our shoulders, from working to taking care of family and friends. 

You must take some time out to relax. In our opinion (yes we are biased) there is no better than doing this than with a nice soothing sensual massage.

The second reason is experience. Having an erotic massage in London should be on everyone’s bucket list, both men and women. Life is made up of experiences, you don’t want to be sitting on your death bed wandering what could have been.

So stop wasting time and get searching. A very (and we mean very) pleasurable session awaits you.

What choices of sensual massages does London have?

The capital of the UK is a fantastic place for erotic massage, in fact we would say not many other cities come close in terms of quality and choice. Here’s a rundown of the most popular sensual massage therapies you can find in the city –

Tantric massage

Also sometimes known as tantra, this session originates from the ancient Indian philosophy of tantra. It is not easy to define exactly what tantra is but the purpose it to celebrate the divine by cultivating your energy to the universe.

This can be done via meditation as well as other physical acts such as yoga, and of course massage. Tantric massage is probably the most popular massage in London, as it can really make the receiver feel truly relaxed and re-energised.

Japanese nuru massage

Another massage originally from the East, this time Japan. Nuru massage is probably the most fun and erotic massages you can have. The masseuse and you will strip off, she will then apply nuru gel to both your bodies. The nuru gel is an extremely slippery substance, so it is perfect for a steamy body on body massage.

Prostate massage

The prostate is a small gland located inside the anus. When stimulated by massage it can create a powerful orgasm for the receiver. Some say the prostate gland is the male g-spot. In this session the masseuse will also caress and stimulate your anal area. The anus has thousands of nerve endings so this, as you can imagine, feels extremely nice. Find out what happens in a prostate massage.

Body 2 body massage

The second most popular sensual massage in London. Body to body also known as b2b massage is exactly what it sounds like, as the therapist glides up and down your body. You will feel her breasts and everything else move in erotic ways across your back. It is when you turnover that the fun really starts.

VIP full service massage

This session is becoming increasingly popular for guys. Essentially full service is a session which includes everything such as body to body, tantric, prostate pleasuring, kissing, oral and maybe even more. Full service erotic massage in London will cost a bit more but can be truly worth it if done with a masseuse who knows what she’s doing.

Much more

The therapies listed above are the most popular, however there are plenty more therapies you can try including soapy, couples, tie and tease, dark tantra, and a special yoni massage for women, for instance. We have listed as many erotic massage styles as possible on this site. You find even more information on the provider’s websites too.

How to use this guide to find your perfect sensual massage

The first things you need to consider when seeking an adult erotic massage in London is –

  • Price.
  • Type of therapist.
  • Location.
  • Massage type (see above for massage types).
  • Incall or mobile outcall.
Let’s break down each one…

You will normally find prices range from £80 to £200 for one hour incall. The lowest prices are usually offered by Asian therapists. The Asian therapists are mostly students and work part-time to supplement their living costs. The £120 to £200 is mainly for those who are professionals and work full time as masseuses.

Unfortunately the price doesn’t always reflect the quality, and is sometimes reflective of the therapist’s looks, time available and location. One of the reasons why London erotic massages can be a bit more on the expensive side is because of the high rents many of these studio apartments charge, so please bare that in mind.

Therapist type

You will find some of the best sensual therapists in London who are truly gifted at what they do and really enjoy doing it too. Unfortunately you will also get some therapists who just want the quick cash and provide a very rushed and boring service. You can tell from their websites if they really know what they are doing, as well as from reviews on forums. And sometimes it is just a case of trial and error.


Most of the erotic massage providers in London are based in nice apartments dotted around central London in places like Bayswater, Kensington, Chelsea, Marylebone etc. However you will find them in North, East, South and West London too. London is an easy place to travel around so you will have no problem getting to your chosen therapists location.

Incall and outcalls

Just a quick note as this can be confusing for first timers. An incall means you go to the therapist’s home for your session. An outcall means the therapist comes to your home or hotel.

The next step

Once you know exactly what you want, you can then use this guide to choose the provider that suits your needs. We have listed 33 of the best providers on this site. We suggest you check out their websites and then book your appointment.

Having an erotic massage in London is truly the best way to relax. Enjoy.


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