Sensual massage for couples in London

A massage for kinky couples in London

This is an erotic massage for adventurous couples in London. A sensual couples massage in London for the most adventurous of partners or friends.

Both you and the person you are going to the session with will both receive a massage from the same masseuse or two different masseuses in the same room.

This is an erotic massage for adventurous couples in London. It’s double the tantric fun because both partners are erotically massaged at the same time.

Sound good? It is.

An erotic couples massage in London is the ultimate in shared experiences that brings new depths and exciting highs to a relationship.

Where to go

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What happens during this session?

A couple’s erotic massage is expertly carried by out two masseuses.

You’ll lie side by side with your partner as the beautiful, skilled ladies simultaneously work their magic on your backs, shoulders and more intimate areas.

You’ll both appreciate erotic sensations at the same time. The fun will begin with a gentle oily massage to release all the knots and strains of everyday life.

Once relaxed and totally de-stressed, the duo will continue the relaxing massage, gradually building up to sensual touch in more intimate areas.

Bear in mind this happens at the same time, so you share the sights, sounds and new experiences together.

Is a couples erotic massage for us?

If you’re an adventurous couple looking for an exciting new experience, or a in a long term relationship that’s feeling flat, erotic couples massage is full of benefits.

Many couples enjoy a shared massage because it can emotionally and physically improve their relationship. Massage therapists are keen to bring pleasure, you’ll both feel at ease and able to request different stokes and techniques.

You’re together, but individuals with differing tastes that are accommodated.

Why a couples sensual massage can improve your relationship

Couples massage is adventurous and exciting so it creates a bond. Not only do couples enjoy a tantric massage, they feel as if they have done something naughty together, and this bonding experience leads to plans for the next escape.

It can also raise awareness of pleasure. An experienced masseuse knows how to find and tease out the most exciting spots. You’ll learn about your own body as well as your partner’s which will improve your sex life.

If it’s been a bit dull or uninteresting in the bedroom a shared couple’s massage can bring back a spark. It creates options for new bedroom games, and putting new found knowledge into practice brings that particular pleasure home every night.

You’ll get to know your partner on a new level

If you find it difficult to speak about sexual pleasure they can just watch without any need to say what you really want from them. It breaks taboos, embarrassment, and blame, and kick-starts your love life with a clean slate.

A shared massage is time for you as a couple. Family life and work can take their toll on togetherness, but shared massage pulls you back together.

If you’re having a weekend in London incorporating a couple’s massage brings a whole new dimension to your time together. A couple’s erotic massage creates exciting memories, deepens your bond and teaches new techniques to take home.

It’s so much better with two.