What Is Dark Tantra

Beware, A Dark Tantra Massage in London will take you to the dark side.

You may have come across many tantric massage providers in London showcasing a massage session they do called Dark Tantra. So what is this massage all about?

A dark tantric massage is a fusion massage which incorporates the procedure and techniques of a regular tantric massage in London but adds into the mix some kinky dominatrix influence.

Extra stimulation such as flicking of the nipples, biting, whipping and other light dominatrix techniques are used a long side traditional tantric massage elements to provide a very original, unique and naughty massage session.

Those people who really appreciate the orgasmic effects of a tantra massage but also like a little kinkiness and light punishment will definitely appreciate the fine art of a dark tantric massage in London.

Welcome to the dark side.

This style has increased in popularity over the past few years in London and there are more services and sensual masseuses who offer it.

One provider in the city who have it on their erotic menu and specialise in this area is Tantric Tingles an agency who has many sexy and naughty masseuses.

Another agency to check out is Nuru Fantasy who also offer a one to one dark tantra massage session. 

For those who like to experiment with different massages and your own sexuality we would definitely suggest trying this session.

It could be time to turn to the dark side.

dark tantric massage in London

Intimate Bodies

Have an intimate massage in London.

It doesn't matter who you are, everybody need to take some time out every now for some relaxation.

You need to do this as it recharges the body and stops you from burning your self out.

There is not shortage of people who have come to London full of energy and enthusiasm only for years later to fell completely exhausted and suffering from fatigue. 

People seem to have no problem investing money in property or stocks, but the most important investment you can make is investing into your own health.

So if that means putting aside some time and money to go for an erotic massage in London then so be it.

You will feel all the better for it. If you do not know where to go and who to see then just take the next twenty minutes or so to browse around this website.

Featured on this guide are the very best independent masseuses and agencies who will provide you with the relaxation your body and mind may require.

Adult Services and Bitcoin

Bitcoin Meets Erotic Massage.

A few reasons why adult service providers and users could benefit from using Bitcoin for transactions.

Tourism - 

Many of their clients who use adult services in London are visitors from overseas. 

When they withdraw cash from ATMs they lose money through the poor currency conversion rates and withdrawal commissions.

If they pay the service provider directly with Bitcoin they avoid these charges and save money.

Another area for tourists is time, if they are staying in the city for just one night they might not have time to visit an ATM before the escort or masseuse arrives at their hotel. 

If they can pay with Bitcoin when the escort or masseuse arrives this would solve this problem.

Safety - 

Many people do not want to carry around so much cash especially when in unfamiliar surroundings visiting people they have never met before. 

If they can arrive at the adult provider’s apartment and pay by Bitcoin by just quickly scanning a QR code with their smartphone this problem would be solved.

Security is also a key issue for the adult workers as well. 

Say for instance the escort or masseuse had say three or four bookings over a one or two day period and was holding a large amount of cash in their apartment this could make them vulnerable targets for robberies. 

If the escort had been paid in Bitcoin then they would not have to hold any cash on their premises and would lower the risk of being a target to any unfortunate robberies.

Anonymous - 

Paying with Bitcoin is also anonymous and would be better solution to pay for adult services this way instead of using a credit card, where FUNTIME PUSSY ENTERTAINMENT for example may show up on your bank statement.

Escorts could also benefit from the anonymity of Bitcoin to pay for advertising and marketing services as well as buying any equipment they need from certain online adult stores.

Conclusion - 

We feel Bitcoin holds many advantages for paying and receiving for adult services than cash or by credit card. 

It will be interesting to see as Bitcoin gets more widely adopted whether the adult relaxation and entertainment industry become big users of crypto currencies.

Mutual Massage

Mutual Massage In London

Mutual Massage Is A Sensational Therapy.

When receiving a massage from a stunningly attractive masseuse it can be very tough not to show restraint and touch her back, almost to the point where it can actually spoil the massage.

Most masseuses do not mind you touching as long as it is in a gentle and polite way, some even encourage it.

If you want to reciprocate and give the masseuse a massage then a good option would to be to seek the services of therapists that offer mutual massage in London.

Mutual massage, as the name suggests, gives you a chance to use your touch to sensually please someone.

This not only gives them pleasure but also so yourself as you see what your touch and technique is doing to them.


Aqua Massage

Aqua Massage Adventures.

If you have taken a look at the websites of erotic masseuses and agencies you may have seen some advertise Aqua Massage as a therapy. 

This treatment is basically a tantric massage but performed in a shower, bath or Jacuzzi.

If you have ever shared a bath with someone who has given you a massage you will know how great this feels. 

The hot water itself is great for relaxing and stimulating the muscles, add to that a gorgeous and sensual masseuse and things are taken to the next pleasurable level. 

There are not many services that perform Aqua massage but it could be something definitely worth checking out.

 Fancy an Aqua Massage?

Fancy an Aqua Massage?

Japanese Massage

Sexy Japanese Massage In London.

If you have heard of the infamous soaplands in Japan you will know that sexy massage is another thing the Japanese are great at. 

As you may have guessed, it is soapy massage that is performed in the soaplands of Japan's big cities. 

However if you have not got the time or budget to visit Japan for an authentic Japanese soapy massage Japanese, it’s possible to have one in London. 

Having your naked body lathered up by a cute women followed by an intense body to body massage is experience everyone must enjoy at least once before you leave this earthly coil. 

Here are some of the services that offer Soapy Massage in London.  If you know of any more please let us know.

 Japanese Soapy Massage

Japanese Soapy Massage

Head Massage

Head Massage Bliss.

Recently we mentioned how starting off a sensual massage with deep tissue massage techniques can be a very good way to relax muscles and the mind before things get a little hotter – if you know what we mean.

We also think finishing off a tantric session with a head massage can also be very beneficial. 

When the recipient has an orgasm, endorphins are released in the brain. 

These endorphins are what make it feel so great. Endorphins are released when we have certain intoxicants or do some intense exercise.

 Studies also show that if you are naturally relaxed and happy you also have a level of endorphins that are constant in the brain. 

After doing brain scans on some Buddhist monks, neuroscientists found that the monks had a constant level of endorphins in the brain compared to the average person. 

These endorphins have stayed in the monk’s brain after years of training the brain with meditation. The monks had chemically changed their brain.

Massaging the head after endorphins have been released makes the endorphins stay for a little longer and how helps the brain slowly wind down. 

It’s a fantastic light heading fuzzy feeling made all the more special if your body has a received a great sensual experience too. 

So we fully recommend having a head massage at the end of any tantric session.

 Head massage or brain massage?

Head massage or brain massage?

Sensual Massage Oils

A key part of a sensual massage is the aromatic oils the therapist uses.  

Each oil when breathed in has a different affect on the brain.  

Most of the oils that feature in sensual massage are for the twin purpose of calming but also arousing the mind.

Have you ever come in close proximity to a person who is wearing a very stimulating scent, it can have a very powerful effect of making the people who smell it feeling very aroused and fuzzy headed.

Perfume companies are scientists when it comes to this, and they know what works.

The same is true of aromatherapists who can concoct the most sensual and arousing massage oils.

 Sensual Massage Oils

Sensual Massage Oils

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage In London

When you go for a sensual massage there is nothing better than starting with a regular deep tissue massage.  

It's a great way to soften and relax any tired muscles.  When having an intimate massage it's very easy for the mind and pulse to start racing, and this is not always the most enjoyable way.  

So deep tissue style does not just help calm the body but also the mind before things getting a little more exciting.

deep tissue massage london.jpg

Thai Massage London

Having a Thai Massage In London is a great way to energise the body. 

You can receive a great variety of different massage therapies in London, however one of the best and most popular is still Thai massage.

This treatment is very old and apparently dates right back to the time of Buddha, over 2,500 years ago.

The treatment is great for stretching out the body, but at the same time is very therapeutic.

You don't have to go to Thailand to try this therapy as there are loads of places in London to try, and we recommend you do so.

thai masseuse.jpg

Your First Sensual Massage in London

Your First steamy massage session

Going for an erotic massage in London then it’s something you must try. 

Like doing anything for the first time it can be a little daunting but also very exciting. 

One of the most fun parts is doing research and choosing who would like to see. Of course the best place to do this in London Erotic Massage Guide.  

Deciding on which massage you would like is the first step. There is such a wide range of sensual massages on offer in London

Essentially they come down to the same thing, you being naked and the therapist massaging and teasing your most sensitive areas - how this is done is the part that varies between each massage and each unique therapist. 

Body Rub Fun.

If you want the therapist to being naked with you, and experience a close intimacy then a body to body massage could be the way to go. 

Two variants of body to body is nuru massage, where the masseuse will use a cordless and odourless gel, which she will pore and rub on both hers and your naked body. 

This of course can be a lot fun as the gel makes things very slippery and highly erotic. 

Nuru is especially nice in the summer when the weather is hotter, this treatment will cool you down – or maybe it will make you even hotter! 

The other variety of body to body massage in London is soapy where you will be soaped up by the masseuse – this again is a lot of fun and feels great.

Of course if you prefer a massage which really focuses on giving you an intense orgasm then the tantric massage is a great choice. 

The masseuse will be either naked or clothed. 

The best tantric masseuses will also be very good at, and most probably professionally trained, therapies such as deep tissue, sports or Thai massage; as they will normally start the massage with some Swedish or deep tissue techniques to relax your muscles and mind. 

Of course as the therapy progresses it gets more and more sensual. 

The therapists that are trained in tantra will teach you techniques such a breathing to help stop your mind from racing.

They will show you how to enjoy the orgasmic wave riding that can be achieved if done correctly.

A Superb Choice.

There are of course many other sensual treatments to choose from which you can read about on this website. 

Once you have decided the massage you would like and made a booking with the therapist you would like to see, you can then look forward to the main event.

It can be a little nervous going to see a therapist and having a sensual massage London style for the first time but you will also feel excited about the adventure you are about to experience. 

Once you have experienced it you will want to keep going back again and again. 

Having a regular sensual massage can do wonders for your body and mind. 

So what are you waiting for?


Foot Fetish in London

Fancy a fantastic foot fetish massage?

We have just added a whole new section to London Erotic Massage Guide to showcase those therapists that specialise in Foot Fetish massage.  

This massage is a bit more niche compared to other sensual treatments but it is one that is enjoyed by many.  

If you have never experienced this massage, the masseuse will essentially use her feet and legs to erotically massage and stimulate your most erogenous areas.

Check out the new Foot Fetish Massage section to see who offers this massage in London.

 Foot Fetish Massage London

Foot Fetish Massage London

Asian Massage London

Have Yourself a sexy Asian Massage In London.

If you have ever travelled around Asia and the Far East you will realise how much massage is embedded into some of the countries and cultures of this part of the planet.

Some of the best massages in the have originated from Japan, China and Thailand for example.

Many therapists from these regions ply their trade in London. 

And of course this means you can try some of the best erotic Asian massage treatments including the infamous Japanese nuru massage and Thai style soapy massage in particular without having to leave the city.

 Who doesn't love nuru massage?

Who doesn't love nuru massage?

Tie and Tease Me

Tease Me Until I Loose Control.

We have just added a tie and tease massage section to London Erotic Massage Guide.

More and more masseuses seem to be offering this massage, and you can see why.  

What better way than to begin a massage than to have one of your main senses, your eyes, restricted.  

This heightens the other senses making touch, taste, sound and smell more aware and sensually charged.

If you have never had a Tie and Tease Massage in London then we suggest you try it. The masseuse will blindfold you and tie you, so you are completely at the will of the masseuse.  

They will then use an array of techniques and objects to stimulate and raise your sensual energy. 

 Tie and Tease Session

Tie and Tease Session

Outcall Massage London

Have a sexy masseuse come to your hotel room.

London receives nearly 20 million visitors every year, making it one of the most visited cities in the world.  

Most of those people come for tourism and also for business, and many will of course stay in hotels.  

If you are staying in a hotel while in London why not book an outcall massage to your hotel.  Nearly all the masseuses featured in this guide offer outcall massage in London.

There are even a few that just specialise to hotels in Heathrow.

So if you are looking to have a sensual massage in the comfort of your hotel then browse this website, find a masseuse you like and make a booking.

Enjoy your stay in London.

 London Skyline

London Skyline

Lingam Massage in London

The lingam massage is a specific massage which focuses on the male genital area.

Lingam in Sanskrit means 'mark' and in Hinduism can represent the male sexual organ.

The female sexual organ is known as the 'yoni'. 

The union of the lingam and the yoni represent the male and female being inseparable, together throughout time and space and from which all life originates. 

Many sculptures and statues in Hinduism feature lingam or yoni symbols, or of Shakti, the goddess of female creative energy.

So a lingam and yoni massage, if performed right, is a massage which plays homage to the sexual organs through which energy and life can flow.

The best tantric masseuses or masseurs will also focus at least 15 to 20 minutes on building and eventually releasing energy in this area. 

 Shiva Lingam in India

Shiva Lingam in India

Nuru massage gel

Have Some Fun With Nuru Gel.

Now the summer has arrived in London there is no better time to have a cool nuru massage.  

What makes this massage so special, apart from the obvious stuff, is the nuru gel itself.  

Made from nori seaweed commonly found in Japan, the gel is colourless, non sticky and odourless .  

The gel contains detoxifying elements which are great for the skin. 

So not only is nuru massage great fun and very enjoyable it's also very healthy. 

If you have never had a nuru massage London style then we definitely recommend you try it.  

 Get ready for some slippery fun!

Get ready for some slippery fun!

London we have lift off

Welcome to London Erotic Massage Guide.  

It's not hard to guess what the subject matter of this website is about :)

Sensual based massage therapies do not just feel great they can also be great for your health both physically and mentally.

We aim to showcase the erotic massages that London has to offer to both residents of this great city and also to visitors.  

If you are looking for a great sensual massage then there is not better place for choice than London.

So browse the site and enjoy!

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