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It's time to relax

We have put together a list of the best places to experience and Bayswater erotic massage session. This area in central/west London is filled to the brim with tantric massage therapists both those who work via an agency and those who are independents and work alone.

Keep scrolling to learn more about this area, how to get their, the sensual massage you can try, and the providers who are based here.

Providers located in this area

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Travel instructions

Getting to Bayswater is easy as it has an underground station.

Bayswater erotic massage menu

There is a wide range of erotic massages in Bayswater that you can experience including tantric, nuru, prostate, four hands massage and much more. You are certainly spoilt for choice. Learn more abut what to expect in each session below.

Tantric Massage

A 2,000 year old therapy that will send your body floating through the universe.

Japanese Nuru Massage

Coming all the way from the spa's of Japan, this is one slippery session.

Prostate Massage

Having your anus and prostate gland gently massage feels ecstatic.

Soapy Session

Another super fun erotic massage from Asia. You must try it.

Erotic 4-Hands

Let two gorgeous talented therapists massage you at the same time.


A sensual massage for women that will give you a powerful orgasm.