Experience prostate massage in London

A therapy that is referred to as the sacred g-spot massage

A prostate massage in London must be tried. This session is a gentle and sensual massage of the prostate gland. 

A gland which can be found inside the anus. Massaging it can bring about very intense sensations. This massage is highly erotic and can be extremely pleasing. 

Most providers in London can add prostate massage to your body to body, nuru or tantric massage.

Many men experience long-lasting pleasurable orgasms and intense ejaculation during prostate massage.

In tantric philosophy, the prostate is considered to a man’s emotional sexual core. Massaging this super sensitive area releases physical and emotional stress..

When the prostate is stimulated at the same time as the penis the pleasure is intensified.

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Last updated December 2020

What, and where, is the prostate?

The prostate is a semen-storing, walnut sized gland that is located under the bladder. It is close to the internal root of the penis and the rectal wall.

When massaged, the gland releases stale semen and clears out the prostate. 

Massaging the prostate glad promotes relaxation and, in turn, regular intense orgasms. However, as the most direct way to massage the P-spot is through the anus. 

Not every man will be comfortable about penetrative exploration of the prostate.

While being key to an absolutely mind blowing experience it is also great for maintaining men’s health.

Health benefits of prostate massage

Regular ejaculation has a number of healthy, non sexual benefits. The stimulation of the prostate promotes the production of sperm in the prostate. It will also bring fresh blood flow to the pelvic area.

This will increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients, allowing for better cell function within the prostate and surrounding area.  

As for the sexual benefits, men have longer lasting extremely intense orgasms and can often often achieve multiple orgasms.

The stimulation reduces the risk of prostatitis (the inflammation of the prostate gland), prostate cancer and genital pain. 

It can also improve overall erectile function. It can increase seminal fluid and minimise the need for frequent nighttime urination.

Where pleasure is concerned, prostate massage is a powerful and intense erotic experience for the ‘receiver’, and is sexual empowering for the ‘giver’.

Pleasurable sensations

When it comes to peak sexual health many men may initially feel hesitant about exploring the prostate. 

Once penetration concerns are overcome there are many sensual benefits to enjoy:

Exquisite Ejaculation Reflex

Although the prostate gland cannot be touched directly, stimulating the P-spot through the rectal wall achieves highly sensitive results.

Pressing, rubbing, stroking or massaging this sensitive area delivers sensations that are similar to the intense feeling experienced during ejaculation.

Arousing Anal Sensitivity

The anus is connected to millions of super sensitive nerve endings that yield intense pleasure when stimulated.

Mind-Blowing High

When you combine the stimulation pleasure with the physical aspects of prostate massage you achieve a psychological high that is experienced by both the receiver and giver.

How to prepare for your London prostate massage

Before the intimate prostate massage begins it is essential that the receiver has showered and is thoroughly clean. 

It is a good idea for the masseuse to wear form fitting latex gloves during the stimulation practice.

This ensures that the delicate anal membranes are protected from rough skin and sharp fingernails. Latex gloves also offer an excellent glide surface for water-based lubricants.

Getting Into The Prime Position

The face-to-face position allows for greater intimacy during prostate massage. 

The receiver assumes a seated position, with back reclined and knees angled on wards and pulled up to the chest.

The position is comfortable for the receiver and offers an unobstructed view to the kneeling or seated masseuse. The masseuse will begin massaging the abdomen and genital area. 

Maintaining eye contact throughout intensifies the erotic experience.

When the receiver is fully relaxed the masseuse will lubricant the anus whilst massaging the area with circular motions. The anal opening is gently stroked and continually lubricated.

When the anus is relaxed and ready it will naturally allow the finger to slide in. A contoured prostate massager can also be used. The anal sphincters may require a little time to become comfortably accustomed to the stimulation.

The inserted finger will seek out the roundish protrusion inside the rectal wall, and will apply pressure that delivers desirable sensations that have the pleasurable feeling of impending ejaculation.

Adjusting the massage pressure will control actual ejaculation, and offers unlimited genital stimulation opportunity.

The male g-spot

Some men can have an orgasm solely by prostate massage with no stimulation of the genitals. 

The finger of the masseuse or masseur is gently put inside the anus, after lubrication has been introduced.

The prostate gland is massaged gently, so that the man feels gradual waves of pleasure that get more and more intense before he explodes in spasms of pure delight.

If the prostate massage is given by a beautiful woman then all the better as you will visually stimulated as well as physically.

Anal stimulation is extremely pleasurable for both men and women.

Some men find that prostate massage is enough to cause prolonged ejaculations. 

While others receive heightened pleasure from it along with other sexual touches.

As well as intense mind blowing orgasms, you will feel extremely relaxed afterwards; every part of your body feeling loose and all your stresses and cares disappeared.

Prostate massage has been talked about a lot in the media and has even been featured in episodes of Fargo, as it is now being recognised as a boost to your physical and sexual health.

Couples now include it as part of their sexual play and if you come to see a professional prostate masseuse you will see why.

You will be able to take those skills away with you, and may enjoy it so much that you will be back for more.

Along with vaginal and anal intercourse, prostate massage just makes the whole sexual experience and resulting orgasm so much more intense.

Go try the therapy this week

For many men, having a prostate massage in London may have sounded like something you might not normally try.

However, the truth is it has become one of our most popular services with an increasing number of guys asking to try this sensual massage.

The reason for this is very clear – it’s because it feels unbelievably good and produces a type of orgasm which is difficult to produce any other way.