What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is one of the most popular sensual therapies in London

A high quality tantric massage can be very arousing. By using various techniques including breathing, receivers can learn how to control their sexual energy and prolong an orgasm. This can be very physically and mentally enriching.

A skilled tantric masseuse uses specific sensual movements such as running her finger tips lightly over the whole body to awaken your sexual energy. This energy can produce a state of ecstasy and help release suppressed physical and mental anxieties.

Tantra sets out to unblock trapped energy in your body and awaken your kundalini, an energy store that lies at the base of your spine.

Choosing a trained tantra masseuse is essential in ensuring that you learn the correct way to fully experience the stimulating benefits of this therapy.

What to expect in your London tantric massage session?

Your tantra goddess may begin the session by using relaxation techniques before moving on to work on chakra building energy techniques.

As giving or receiving a tantra massage is so intimate, sexual arousal will occur. A quality tantric massage in London will consciously send energy throughout the whole body. 

This makes the erotic liaison last longer and turning it into a full body sensual and spiritual encounter. This will teach you the skills to prolong your sexual energy and thus allow much longer and more fulfilling sexual experiences.

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The Positive Health Affects of Tantric Massage

This style of massage is known to have powerful effects on both body and mind. You will feel blissfully relaxed and all your cares will disappear. You will relax and let go of any stress inside your body.

This has a positive impact on your physical health, such as lowering your blood pressure and heart rate. Your muscles will relax and you feel as if you are floating on a sea of pure ecstasy. 

As your kundalini energy rises, you will feel pulses of sexual energy radiate from your groin and then growing throughout your body.

The waves of pleasure will gradually build slowly rippling over your torso and connecting to your brain. Having a powerful orgasm during tantric massage is very common and can be quite an emotional experience. 

Tantric massage is a combination of tender touches, scented oils, and being able to accept your own nakedness and that of another.

It is more than a massage, it is a spiritual and sensual lesson. It is a philosophy about living in the moment and learning to let yourself give into ultimate adult pleasure.

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