Body to Body Massage London

Experience the joy of b2b massage in London

The masseuse skilfully uses her whole body to erotically massage and rub against your body, creating a sensation that is out of this world.  A full body to body massage is when the masseuse and your self are both completely naked.

The masseuse will massage you with her whole body, and start to move her naked body over yours to ensure that you too are covered in oil.

She will massage you with her hands first, to help you relax and unwind and feel all the tension leave your body.

Then she will start to caress you firmly with her own nude body. You will feel the pressure of her breasts against your shoulders and back, as the masseuse undulates her body against yours.

Below are providers of body to body massage in London. More providers added every week, so book mark this page and keep checking back.


Every erotic b2b masseuse has their own way of massaging, some will start at the feet, rubbing them between their oiled up breasts, slowly moving up your legs and thighs.

You will feel the slippery pressure of the masseuses naked body against your buttocks and feel them slide and rub against your back and shoulders.

As you start to feel deeply relaxed the masseuse will ask your to turnover. Imagine looking up as a beautiful naked woman writhes and slides against your excited naked flesh.

She will start with your feet again, firmly rubbing her body against yours. Then slowly and sinuously making her way up your body. This form of erotic massage is a treat for all the senses. 

Feel the excitement grow

At times the masseuse will slow down and move her body in leisurely long strokes. As the skilled goddess feels your excitement move up the levels she will speed up her movements.

She may also turnover and massage you with her back and oil sleek cheeks.  Just picture the sexy masseuse as she slides her bottom up and down your pulsing member. 

Then she may flip around so that you feel yourself between her breasts, or that intense feeling as she firmly slides her entire body up the length of yours.  It is common for men to get intensely sexually aroused by this erotic experience.

The trained masseuses who do erotic massage are more than willing to help you express your self sexually and to release all the tension from your body. After the steamy session you can expect leave feeling utterly relaxed.

All the day to day stresses and tensions having left your body and that good feeling that comes after intense sexual fulfilment. 

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