A super soapy massage London style

Soapy massage started in Asia but is now very popular in London

Normally performed on a blow up mattress, this massage is a unique and entertaining experience. Lots of bubbles, soap and fun with a cute masseuse – what more could you want?

Until recently, you would have had to go to Asia for this sexy and fun massage treatment. However, now there are the girls in London who can give you a very naughty soapy session.

The masseuse will use scented soaps, gel and romantic lighting to set the mood. She will then start giving you a playful but very erotic massage experience. 


The therapeutic benefits of soapy massage in London are…

  • Increase body hygiene
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Will make your skin glow with cell regeneration
  • It helps to detox the skin and gives you a complete sense of happiness and relaxation
  • It reduces stress and anxiety by relaxing the mind and body at the same time

Feel nice and clean

If you are lucky the masseuse may invite you into the shower to help you wash off the soap to get you cleaned up for your next engagement.

The health benefits of a London soapy massage are clear, and if you add in the fun as well it becomes the perfect combination of relaxation and sexual adventure.

So if would like the pleasure of a naked girl massaging you in warm soapy bubbles then take a look on this page at the wonderful ladies who can make it happen.

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