Lingam Massage in London

The lingam massage is a specific massage which focuses on the male genital area.

Lingam in Sanskrit means 'mark' and in Hinduism can represent the male sexual organ.

The female sexual organ is known as the 'yoni'. 

The union of the lingam and the yoni represent the male and female being inseparable, together throughout time and space and from which all life originates. 

Many sculptures and statues in Hinduism feature lingam or yoni symbols, or of Shakti, the goddess of female creative energy.

So a lingam and yoni massage, if performed right, is a massage which plays homage to the sexual organs through which energy and life can flow.

The best tantric masseuses or masseurs will also focus at least 15 to 20 minutes on building and eventually releasing energy in this area. 

 Shiva Lingam in India

Shiva Lingam in India

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